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Swiss Army Army Recruit and Full-Function Microlight Combo

Bottom Line: $19.94 | Street: $31.00

The Victorinox Swiss Army Recruit pocket tool and Full-Function LED Microlight combination pairs together the trusted hardware you expect from an Original Swiss Army Knife with high-powered illumination. The Victorinox Cross and Shield LED Microlight is small, discreet, effective and built to last. The miniature LED lamp is protected by a rugged, polycarbonate body, with an internal stainless steel multi-function switch and go-anywhere practicality. This small light has four functions: high and low power, strobe and signal (squeeze, intermitent on/off) mode. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) Microlight projects a highly focused light beam up to 50 feet with up to one mile signal visibility, and offers up to 15 hours of burn time per battery set. LEDs are 10 times more efficient at converting light to energy than incandescent bulbs, and do not have a filament that burns out or glass that breaks. The Microlight is impact and water resistant.

Item is $14.95 plus $4.99 shipping. Orders of $48.95 or more ship for free.

Posted: 5/6/2009       Expires: Unknown

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